Fiona Kerr Gedson – Waka

Pheasant & Peacock Feathers, height 43cm, width 83cm Fiona uses her trademark feathers to colour and add texture to her Waka which is symbolic of the need to relax and go with the flow, hence this Waka has no paddles.

Duane Moyle – Alfred Nesbit Brown 1803 – 1884

Oil on board, 2010, height 62cm, width 95cm One of ten works produced in 2010, each referencing a specific event or significant era in Tauranga’s history. This piece represents the role and impact of the early missionary Alfred Nesbit Brown and looks southwards down the Strand from Monmouth Redoubt. The tukutuku pattern is based on a cross and also relates to the Porourangi pattern favoured by Ngati Porou.

Dinner for 6 at “Alsace Lorriane”

A memorable evening hosted at Sally Morrison’s elegant home “Alsace Lorriane” by Somerset Cottage Restaurant owners Rick and Anne on Friday 22nd May at 7pm

Anna Palmer Red Barns

Conte pastel on paper, 2014, height 44cm, width 54cm Anna’s work is a celebration of colour, form and energy. She draws primarily in conte pastel onto black paper and takes inspiration from coastal landscapes.