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This event has now ended. Pieces displayed are for information only.

We look forward to our next Treasured Art event in 2025.

Flame in the Wind – Garry Webber
Beyond the Dark – Doreen McNeill
Pymole Red – Constanza Brieceno
Dioxazine Purple – Constanza Brieceno
Titipounamu – Anna Palmer
Dinghy and Harakeke – Anna Palmer
Piwakawaka and Manuka – Anna Palmer
Summer Bliss – Cordula Taiwo
Autumn Colours – Cordula Taiwo
Winter Glow – Cordula Taiwo
Barry the Blue Penguin – Sam Allen
Dave the Diving Duck – Sam Allen
Complexity – Lynn Isherwood
Reverie – Lynn Isherwood
In the Light of the Moon – Julia Blackler
Cherry Bloom Interior – Raymond Jennings
Pohutukawa Tree – Raymond Jennings
House of Many Storeys – Raymond Jennings
Moturiki #2 – Timo Rannali
Moturiki #1 – Timo Rannali
Dragonflies – Suzanne Smith
Blue Jug – Suzanne Smith
Untitled – Arthur Dagley
Evening Seas – Wayne Vickers
The Land Between – Judith Laws
Tides out, Mt Maunganui – Peter Wallers
Mt Ruapehu from Waiouru – Peter Wallers
Atahura River Valley – Peter Wallers
Same again, Bearman (large) and Sporting Bears (2 x small) – Sue Willis
Whakairo rakau – Rick Jenkins
Native American Chief – Rick Jenkins
Flowing Contrasts – Yana Meech
Freedom Flight – Yana Meech
Feels Good – Yana Meech
Head in the Clouds – Mandy Williams
Sky Dive II – Mandy Williams
Sky Dive I – Mandy Williams
Gotta Blossom – Sue MacDougall
Floral Magic Wonder II – Sue MacDougall
Wonder of FIora – Sue MacDougall