Fiona Kerr Gedson – Mandala Positivity

Size: 400 x 400 mm

Medium: Pheasant, peacock & turkey feathers

Price: $1950

Detail: Mathematical thinking is not what many perceive it to be; boring. In fact, Mathematical thinking is a way of enhancing creativity, of problem solving in real life situations. Fundamentally, Maths is Quality in Relationships.

I’m paraphrasing Mark Todd, of the Ockham Foundation, after hearing him interviewed on National Radio. Here is a Mathematician who is using his thinking to create positive solutions and contributions to society.

I found this inspiring. I have Geometrically Enhanced these Mandalas with the hope of expanding Quality Relationships and Positive Contributions; let’s meditate on that!

Fiona lives and works from her home studio near Opotiki and is a celebrated and respected member of the New Zealand art scene. Her work includes intricate weaving and collages using feathers in a fusion of Maori weaving styles and European materials. These are then elegantly displayed behind glass in their own frame. She exhibits nationally as well as internationally and has won numerous awards.