Todd Couper – Manawanui

Size: 762 x 777 mm

Medium:  Lithograph

Price: $1,500

Detail:¬†Manawanui is a collaboration of two Maori artists Todd Couper and Roi Toia and First Nations artist Susan Point. Todd and Roi first came to know Susan through the Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver who represented the three artists. This connection strengthened with Susan’s first visit to New Zealand in 2003 when she was hosted by Todd and Roi at their workshop and this was reciprocated later that year when they travelled to Vancouver as part of the “Kiwa” Pacific Connections cross cultural exhibition. The three then decided to collaborate on a piece that would sybolize the kinship between cultures and to acknowledge the work and dedication of Nigel Reading from the Spirit Wrestler Gallery for representing these two cultures with the utmost respect and integrity.
“As the land draws its breath from the winds above, so too does it exhale that breath with the receding tides of the ocean. This interpretation of land, sea and air is likened to the majestic bird, the Hokioi (native New Zealand eagle by Roi Toia), who traverses the realms of the over worlds; the thunder lizard (by Susan Point) who protects the ‘life principle’ of the land; and the whai (stingray by Todd Couper) that patrols the domain of the underworlds. The centre arrangement depicts the essence of life and the evolution of death, sybolised by the two opposing spirals